I need to see the water… but Kuta is a hot mess!

September 18, 2011


After a few days, I feel this urge to see the water. I am in Bali and haven’t gone to the beach yet. And, although I know Kuta is a disaster area (overflowing broken streets of buzzing motorbikes, drunkard euros, terrible tourists, and vendors attempting to make a living off of it all), it’s a […]

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Arrival in Bali

September 14, 2011


Upon arrival in Bali, i went straight for the inland city of Ubud. In the past, all of my trips to Ubud have been touristic day trips, but this time i plan to spend a couple days there. and i am so excited to have my first international CS (couch surfing) experience! My hosts have […]

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August 14, 2011


landed in a grey, cold, wet Lima, but arrived with a very friendly hug- one that actually lifted me right up and outta the airport (backpack on, i might add!) And he would’ve taken me all the way to the taxi had i not asked to be placed back on my feet… IĀ felt this trip […]

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… sparks the wanderlust

August 11, 2011


so i am about to embark on an exciting part of my life journey through travels. the month of august is pretty set- Lima, Peru and Seattle, Washington. Although those two destinations will provide fine tales to tell, it is the months to come after that i am most curious/anxious/nervous about. where will i go? […]

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