Surprise, I am in Singapore!

Posted on October 4, 2011


A very last minute side trip to Singapore must be had. My friend is about to embark on a 5,000 mile trek through SE Asia, walking, camping, and eating all by himslef for the next year! ( He is raising $50,000 for reconstructive surgeries for children all over the world… I missed his stateside going away bash, and since i am just a two-hour flight away, i decide it’s only proper to surprise him with a SE Asia send-off. I love surprising people!

Luckly, i came to spend time with him and not Singapore! Ok, i am probably being a bit harsh, but seriously, Singapore (with all its blinging LV and Prada stores, casinos, malls, and the massive unusable floating ship) lacked luster in so many ways for me… Their transportation system is good, accupressure on point, and the food was delicious, however!

Oh, i got to see fellow Angelinos Brandy Flower and Samiyam. That was a treat! At Sam’s show I myself was surprised – I got to re-meet this nice guy i decided to say hi to back when i was flying out of LAX. He lives in the Philippines and mentioned something about arranging and playing music performances. I mentioned my friend Angelo knows music and lives in the Philippines (irrelevant, until i actually ran into Angelo later in my trip in Bali). “Oh, i know him,” he said… That was it. We exchange emails, get on our separate planes… and a couple weeks later, when i walk into Sam’s show, this same dude is on the drums while another DJ spins (IN Singapore!) what are the odds?!

On the last day, I trudged through the thick heated air to the Botanical Gardens in order to escape the malls, people, and cars… It was BLISS!

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