Amed/Jemeluk, Bali

Posted on September 24, 2011


Salt is the native commodity here. The villagers rake, cultivate, dry and scoop their salt farm every morning and all day. This shot is a view of mt agung at the break of dawn as the orange sun dips the top of the mountain.

I spend a few days here- snorkeling, operating a motorbike for the first time, eating, and relaxing. Here’s a run down of what I know so far:

Swimming – in “god’s ocean” as Sasha at Lily Amed Bungalows says OR at Three Brother’s in their little infinity pool.

Accomodations – two nights at Giri Shanti Bungalows– about 200.000 clean, ocean-facing, good for divers because the owner is a dive master. and one night at Lily Amed– about 200.000 my new favorite spot because the place is set up for enjoying time on the premises- hammocks, big day bed, fridge at the bar, look-out hut with chair and table at top of stairs to enjoy mt agung sunset or sunrise view. also great for extended stay or if you want to cook becaue 2 rooms come with kitchens.

Snorkeling – a bit in front of 3 brothers and in Jemeluk Bay, Japanese shipwrek is in front of Bali Ku is nice, but Tulamben was the best i saw so far.

FOOD – hands down, Warunk Enak is the tastiest! it’s very close to Lily’s. I plan to return to both if i come back. The food is light and fresh, not like the usual heavy-oiled indonesian food. I ate here 3 times in one day! most people come to Amed for snorkeling and diving, but i am coming back just to learn to cook with this woman!

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