Arrival in Bali

Posted on September 14, 2011


Upon arrival in Bali, i went straight for the inland city of Ubud. In the past, all of my trips to Ubud have been touristic day trips, but this time i plan to spend a couple days there. and i am so excited to have my first international CS (couch surfing) experience!

My hosts have a great little home in Penestanan, an artist village just northwest of Ubud center. The first night we eat at Made’s Warung, one of the best local warungs, with great prices, too. A regular says hello as he passes and a newbie neighbor joins us halfway into dinner. I am already feeling the home vibe in this place and it’s only the first night… I spend the next few days walking Ubud, about 6 miles everyday, at a leisurely pace, stopping at the places that catch my attention-


It is only with walking, the wrong way, the right way, either way you find your way that you end up being able to draw maps like this from memory because you have stepped every foot along the map’s path. Here are a few notable stops in Penestanan. **click map for details

Made’s Warung – great prices, wifi, pancakes, yummy “special” sandwich, good curries
Yellow Flower Cafe – organic, raw treats, wifi, pancakes
Lala Lili’s – rice field view, wifi, pancakes, fruits
Bintang – Large market with just about everything- towels to almonds (but better to get almonds from Bali Buddha in the Ubud center)

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