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Posted on August 11, 2011


so i am about to embark on an exciting part of my life journey through travels. the month of august is pretty set- Lima, Peru and Seattle, Washington. Although those two destinations will provide fine tales to tell, it is the months to come after that i am most curious/anxious/nervous about. where will i go? what will i do? where is my inspiration for destination and purpose?

in the past it’s been a specific set of islands, an educational endeavor, a humanitarian effort, even a random acroyoga video, that sparked my interest for a particular destination. (do follow the link below if you are curious to know what originally led me to my latest destination- Colombia. it was this single video, that single beach, that water, that barren sand… one play and i decided that was where my next destination would be. it was really that easy.)

but this time around i am letting go a bit. this letting go is a practice, especially for me. i usually have all my options written down, cities and sites studied, weather known for optimal comfortability, and just about anything and everything one MIGHT possibly need if just about anything were to come up on a trip- an overplanner if you will- trying to be prepared for everything. ha! as if life doesn’t have curve balls to remind you that you are not necessarily in control… by letting go, i mean that i don’t have this set itinerary nor a big mission or project i am working on. it’s pretty much just an open mind and heart ready for an adventure.

One thing IS for certain (at least the ticket is purchased.) I will begin in a comfort zone- Indonesia 🙂 I purchased my one-way today. It took me a while to hit the final pay button. it felt as if i was purchasing the key to a very big, big, mysterious door. sounds a bit overtly serious, i know. but it’s sort of a big deal to me. this journey is full of so many unknowns…

also, this time around, i don’t really have the option to take everything but the kitchen sink, for i am having to carry everything in one bag and all on my back.

Luckily, i get an 8-day trial period of backpacking in Peru. This is where i test out my rolls-royce of a tricked-out backpack and my ability to carry the contraption. Wish me luck!



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